2 June – 7 June 2018

Where Asian innovation meets the world

Empowering our nation with possibilities through technology

Smart Nation Innovations Week from 2 June to 7 June 2018 will welcome more than 20,000 local and international guests across different communities to congregate in Singapore to share and learn about disruptive tech, look into the future impact of technology and celebrate the success of young innovators across Asia. This innovation series comprises pillar events – innovfest unbound, Tech Saturday (Upsized!), futurenow, convergence, arise and Straits Digital Exchange.

innovfest unbound draws key players from the global tech ecosystem – businesses, start-ups, investors, academics, government organisations and the media to connect and share insights. From virtual and augmented reality, robotics, high-powered computing analytics to other disruptive innovations, this event showcases Singapore as a creative hub for emerging technologies that bear potential to change the world. It also hosts the track events of futurenow, convergence, arise and Straits Digital Exchange.

Tech Saturday (Upsized!) is a two-day carnival for everyone, from the young or young-at-heart, to check out the technology showcases and try out the interactive experiences to see how tech positively impact the way we work, live, learn, play, invent and inspire in this digital age!

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Smart Nation is Singapore’s vision to be an economically competitive global city and a liveable home. It is a whole-of-nation movement to harness digital technologies to build a future Singapore, to improve living and build a closer community, empower citizens to achieve their aspirations through good jobs and opportunities, and encourage businesses to innovate and grow. For more information, please visit

About SG:D

SG:D is Singapore’s national movement to rally businesses and individuals to move ahead into the digital age, driven by the assurance that there is much to smile about when we embrace the many possibilities of the Digital Economy. For more information, please visit

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